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Caitlin Marks is an Australian dancer, singer and actress, based in New York City. 

Grew up in Melbourne, Australia, where she trained at various schools in all genres, and kicked off her career in the musical theatre industry at age 11.  When GFO called for young redheads, Marks jumped at the opportunity.  Caitlin's red hair, bubbly personality and love for theatre, scored her the role of Annie in Annie the Musical, alongside Anthony Warlow and Nancy Hayes.  Soon after, she travelled to Auckland, NZ to play Jane Banks in Mary Poppins, and started to realise that maybe her red hair and big smile, wasn't the only thing winning the panel over.  


At the age of 16, Marks moved away from home to further her dance training at the Alberta Ballet School, Canada.  After two consecutive years of attending multiple Joffrey Summer Intensives, Caitlin finally decided the Joffrey Jazz & Contemporary Program in New York, was where she needed to be.  Marks most recently graduated from the Jazz & Contemporary Program, under the direction of Angelica Stiskin.

New York opened up more opportunity for versatility in her training and for the past four years, she has been training intensely in contemporary, hip hop, street jazz, latin, modern, ballet, jazz, musical theatre and tap.  Marks has been training and working with notable artists; Candace Brown, Beth Crandall, James Alonzo, Gabrielle Lamb, Phil Orsano, Angelica Stiskin, Jason Williams, Akira Uchida, Josh Assor, Michael Waldrop, Ryan Miller, just to name a few.  Caitlin has also dived even further into her acting and vocal training in the past two years, with Lil Malinich and Sally Bourne (AU).

This summer, Caitlin joined Pigeonwing Dance, as their newest company member, directed and choreographed by Gabrielle Lamb. 


Marks is thrilled to now be represented by MSA Talent Agency in New York.

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